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Perceived Obsolescence

Google Dictionary defines perceived obsolescence as the art of making products that go out of fashion or date or are not in style, so you buy more, slightly different ones, for example the fashion industry (or electronics, household items, etc.) According to the video perceived obsolescence convinces us to throw away stuff that is still perfectly useful by changing the way that it looks.
In the past few years as my eyes have been opened more towards the third world and the passion that I have to serve them financially and in person upon graduation. My spending habits are still not where I would like them to be but this video was a great reminder of the bigger picture. (And a great reminder of why I should not be complaining about what I do have.) I have definitely caught myself purchasing a new cell phone even though my current one isn’t broke and buying one that is above my price range simply because of all the bells and whistles. In terms of clothing or fashion, I have 29 pairs of shoes. That is nearly a different pair for every day of the month! And yet just yesterday I found myself thinking about buying yet another pair while millions do not even have a single pair of shoes.
According to the World Wealth Calculator in making $23,288 a year* I am in the wealthiest 9.0% of people in the world. There are 6,008,213,213 (more than 6.0 billion) people less wealthy than you. You are 30 times wealthier than a billion people. (A billion people earn less than $762 a year). And yet I complain that I don’t have enough or waste money on items I don’t need or paying interest on things that I do purchase because I use credit cards. Honestly my own hypocrisy is disgusting to me right now.
The fact that we are one twentieth of the world’s population but use nearly 1/3 of the resources and contribute to nearly 1/3 of the world’s waste is an astronomical problem. No wonder we have third world countries in which death due to disease, malnutrition, poor drinking water, etc. We are leaving 95% of the world to live off of just over 2/3 of the world’s resources! And yet we don’t see the need to help others and to give because we don’t have enough ourselves. My salary may be considered on the low end of the scale at just over $23,000 a year in America – however in terms of the world I’m 30 times richer than more than a billion people. I think that those amounts directly correlate with that amount of waste created and the amount of resources that we use. Essentially these numbers show that in America we are wasteful and selfish in that we are using up far more than we need.
By the way… If you make just $2,000 a year (that is not a typo I really meant to put two-thousand dollars) you are in the wealthiest 55.5% of people in the world. There are 2,939,357,142 (more than 2.9 billion) people less wealthy than you. You are 2 times wealthier than a billion people. Seriously! Two Thousand Fricken Dollars and you are TWO TIMES WEALTHIER THAN A BILLION PEOPLE!!!

Use the following tool below to see where you fall in terms of world wealth… You will be shockingly surprised… 

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*While I feel putting my salary up is definitely putting myself out there I feel in these terms I should be transparent especially to get a realistic number in terms of where I sit in the world’s wealth.


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